FragMentor Tutorials

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Our FragMentor Video Series aims to get you up to speed quickly and back to the task at hand. Tutorials cover common tasks and key features of Savvius Distributed Network Analysis, and range in duration from 3 to 5 minutes.

How to start a capture

Running Time:
2 minutes 31 seconds.

How to set up a simple filter

Running Time:
3 minutes 44 seconds.

How to Customize Protocols with Omnipeek

Running Time:
3 minutes 34 seconds.

How to Tune the Expert

Running Time:
4 minutes 11 seconds.

How to Monitor your Network 24 x 7 with Omnipeek

Running Time:
4 minutes 32 seconds.

Introducing... PeekCat and PeekSplit. Capture file manipulation tools.

Running Time:
7 minutes 55 seconds.