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Category : Plug-Ins

Submitted By : Savvius

Important: This extensibility solution supports both 32-bit and 64-bit installations of Omnipeek Professional or Enterprise
The Traffic Analyzer Plug-in displays port list summary stats for each destination IP address, as well as lists of known and unknown ports, and conversation stats. These statistics can be graphed, alarmed, and output to .csv files to be loaded into Excel, and formatted into firewall rules.


The Traffic Analyzer displays each IP address as a separate group in the Summary Stats View. The ports for each IP address are displayed as separate entries under that group. For each port, the number of bytes and packets are displayed. These values can be graphed and alarmed.

Below is a screenshot showing some IP addresses, and the ports listed under them:


The Traffic Analyzer also displays known and unknown ports. Known ports are those that are in the OmniPeek NameTable. Below are screenshots showing the known and unknown ports groups in Summary Stats:


Last but not least, the Traffic Analyzer displays Conversations, as illustrated by the screenshot below:


Each of the stats displayed by the Traffic Analyzer can be enabled and disabled through the Options Dialog:


To output the statistics generated from the Traffic Analyzer in .csv format that can be loaded into Excel, and formatted into firewall rules, simply choose Save Summary Statistics from the File Menu. To create a report, chose Save Report.


Version 8/12/15
- Built by Savvius for Savvius OmniPeek.

Version 2/1/15
- Rebuilt for OmniPeek 8.0. Added support for 64-bit OmniPeek

Version 4/5/11
- Fix analyzed packet and byte counts
- Analyze TCP and UDP data

Version 3/12/09
- Use lower port as server, not dst port

Version 1.0 3/11/09
- Released to MyPeek


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