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Category : Plug-Ins

Submitted By : Savvius

Important: This extensibility solution supports both 32-bit and 64-bit installations of Omnipeek Professional or Enterprise
Description: The PeekPlayer Plug-in is more than just a sample, it has a lot of functionality. However, lucky for you we decided to give it away.

PeekPlayer is a very useful and easy to use tool for testing packets, the network, and network applications.

The basic function of the PeekPlayer is to send packets to a destination. The destination can be either a network adapter, or another capture. In the case of another capture, the status and flag bits can be set. Sending packets with the PeekPlayer is done using the Play, Pause, and Step buttons.

If the destination is another capture window the original timestamp is used. If the "Use Timestamp" option is enabled, there is a delay between sending the packets, that is the duration of the timestamp. The multiple specifier can be used to multiply the amount of time to wait between each packet.

When the destination is the Send Adapter, the adapter to send to must be selected from the main Send menu of OmniPeek. When packets are sent to a network adapter, they will be played over the network that the network adapter is connected to. Be aware of this, as your IT people may not be very happy about this.

Certain fields in the packets can be changed using the PeekPlayer. When these fields are changed, the checksums and FCS for these packets is also changed. This makes it possible to send these packets through a switch, router, or other device that may check for valid checksums.

Here is a screen shot of the user interface:

Most of our customers use the PeekPlayer to simply generate traffic. Another very useful application for the PeekPlayer is to test applications that receive UDP packets. By changing the Destination MAC and IP address of the packets to your own machine, you can redirect packets from a file that somebody has sent you to your own machine. One example of this is NetFlow packets.

PeekPlayer History

Version, 8/12/2015
- Rebuilt by Savvius for Savvius OmniPeek.

Version, 2/1/2015
- Rebuilt for OmniPeek 8.0. Added support for 64-bit OmniPeek.

Version,  6/112/2012
- Fixed a bug sending wireless packets to another capture window

Version, 3/14/2011
- Added Warp Speed

Version, 2/14/2011
- Added the capability to add a UDP header to a packet: ported this functionality from the original version up to the newer version.
- Redesigned the gui to accomodate all changes.
- Reworked the gui regarding how items are enabled/disabled to make sure only appropriate fields are accessible depending on the options selected.
- Added some new fields such as destination port, time to live, and IP identifier.
- Refactored fragmenting and added gui controls that allow you to adjust fragment sizes to be correct (i.e. produce fragments that are properly divisible by 8); this can be configured by maximum fragment size or maximum transmission unit (MTU).

Version, 3/31/2008
- Use timestamp from

Version, 1/15/2008
- Adjust checksums when packet is changed

Version, 8/16/2007
- Allow user to change MAC addresses
- Allow user to change IP addresses
- Allow user to change TCP/UDP ports

Version, 8/14/2007
- Added support for Omni 5
- Added an installer

Version, 10/18/2006
- Added support for wireless
- Fixed timestamp difference
- Fixed crash that occurs when closing destination capture
- Added an installer
- Removed COM controls from source code


Needs option to read a file playback list and play the files in the order listed.
Posted by: Harold Brown on Thursday, October 29th, 2015 at 12:09 PM
Version Peekplayer Warp Speed setting needs to be changed back to how it worked in When it is not enabled the user should be able to enter there own delay and interval timing in relationship to the packet time stamps and when enabled the traffic should be played as fast as possible without regards to time stamps or user sets.
Posted by: Harold Brown on Thursday, October 29th, 2015 at 11:45 AM
Please provide PeekPlayer source. Thanks.
Posted by: Karen Delvecchio on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 8:55 AM