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Category : Plug-Ins

Submitted By : Savvius

Important: This extensibility solution supports both 32-bit and 64-bit installations of Omnipeek Professional or Enterprise

The FindMe Plug-in adds a a tab to the capture window that contains a list of text strings that are searched for each packet. As packets are being processed, the plug-in searches for each instance of each text entry in each packet and makes log entries when the text is found. The log entries contain the search text as well as any other text following it.

For example, let's say that you enter "HTTP" as one of the text entries to search for. When the word HTTP is found in a packet that is being processed, a log entry will be made containing the word "HTTP" as well as any text following it. In the case of the HTTP, it may be followed by "GET /index.html", which will be included in the log entry.

Configuration Tab:

The FindMe Plug-in can also be setup as an advanced filter. In this configuration, if any of the text strings are found in a packet, the packet will be inserted into the packet buffer. Otherwise, the packet will be rejected.

Resulting Log Entries:

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The source code for the FindMe plug-in is available to maintenance members. There are lots of enhancements that can be made to it.


Version 11/20/15
- Corrected 64bit version installer

Version 3/18/15
- Updated Company Name to Savvius

Version 3/18/15
- Fixed Random Crashing

Version 1/30/15
- Updated for OmniPeek 8.0
- Updated to include a 64 bit install

Version 4/14/10
- Updated for OmniPeek 6.0.7
- Change Installer to .msi - Added packet number to the log entry


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