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Savvius + ELK = Best SIEM ever!

Savvius sells packet capture and analysis appliances. These appliances range in size to capture packets on 100Mbps networks up to 20Gbps networks. Our newest mini appliance called Savvius Insight comes with the ELK stack built-in. ELK can be installed on any of the other appliances as well. Savvius appliances make good hosts for ELK because they are powerful multi-core servers with lots of disk space. With ELK, the disk space can be shared between the packets and the events. And with ELK, the appliances can be used to capture and analyze packets as well as used as a SIEM for the security events that are generated as the result of analyzing those packets. One of t...

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Are you new to Savvius Omnipeek or interested in becoming a power user? In this new Savvius webinar series, quickly learn how to gain network visibility to effectively manage network performance. Independent one-hour sessions will include real-world exercises and guide you through steps to resolve common network issues. Registrants will recieve a free 45-day trial of Savvius Omnipeek.

October 28, 2016 | 8:30 am PDT