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Integrating Savvius Vigil With New Event Sources

The topic of this blog entry is how to add support for new IDS/IPS and SIEMs to Savvius Vigil. First of all, letís review what Savvius Vigil is. Savvius Vigil is a unique security appliance that was specifically designed to capture just the security related packets for longer periods of time, so when a breach happens, the bread crumbs are still there to aid the security investigation in discovering how the breach occurred, and what effect it had on the rest of the network. To achieve this amazing feat, Vigil integrates with IDS/IPS and SIEM vendors. Out of the box, Vigil has support for many of the most popular IDS/IPS and SIEMs, and support for new ones are added...

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Troubleshooting Distributed Application Performance

Every network engineer knows the blame game Ė regardless of the symptoms, it is always a network issue until proven otherwise. And more and more often it isnít a network issue at all, itís an application issue, yet somehow you still come out looking like the bad guy. What if you had valuable data that application engineers could use to more efficiently troubleshoot their problems? What if the application engineers started coming to you first, proactively, during their debugging testing because they know you can help?

December 14, 2016 | 8:30 am PST